Manipulators to the presses and machines

We supply manipulators and robot applications such as replacing equipment operation.
Simpler applications, loading and unloading of parts 3 and 4 we solve Polycentric manipulators own production. Manipulators equip special warheads, designed according to each product.
Applications are used to support automation components (conveyors, vibrating circular feeders, linear feeders, and others).
For more complex applications using robots. In our facilities you can meet with robots of different brands, mostly Fanuc, ABB, KUKA. The suitability of a robot according to our experts assess the range, speed, range and price movements.
Applications can be extended to other manufacturing, testing and finishing operations (description of laser printing injektem, sticking labels, camera tests, functional tests, assembly, packaging, palletizing, etc.)
The whole device is able to work autonomously.




>> MANIPULATORS                                                                                                       

The manipulator can move individual objects from point A to point B, or on some other, well-defined locations.

It is usually a set of several pneumatic cylinders, as the gripper head, swivel, vertical and horizontal cylinder. This report may include servo motors and servoosy for accurate measurement positions establishment relocated or removing objects.

Manipulators can be used to manipulate objects from the minimum size and weight to very heavy and bulky objects.





Orientator allows us to match objects in the proper position.

The correct orientation of the parts is necessary in most cases the processing of any parts.

As an example we use orientator leveling screws for pickup manipulator, the subsequent establishment of the threaded hole and a screwdriver from the top start-up. If we screw well-oriented, there is no problem make perfect screw and tighten the screw.

Orientator can in principle be solved as a mechanical sieve, or by using the rotary gripper heads.





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Assembly and handling technology

Experience, expertise, quality, speed.

We employ experts in the field in the industry, manufacturers use components from renowned brands. Our products meet strict criteria, we strive to provide high quality.

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