MMT products


We design and manufacture devices that are used as components in industrial processes.

This is essentially a conveyer systems, such as linear and rotary conveyors, manipulators, orientator, feeders, etc. These devices can be transported both by tiny objects the size of several tens of millimeters to a few objects, dimensions and weight of cubic meters of hundreds of kilograms

The production of automatic screwdrivers, to be set is limited to any torque tightening or releasing the clamping screw or nut.

We are able to implement systems with tracking and identifying objects. This is either through the monitoring sensors, eg optical, laser, capacitive, ultrasonic and last but not least, the camera systems that fully recognize the monitored object and can be compared according to the draft.

The equipment we use intelligent actuators, such as axis servo motors and servo controlled explicitly by the program and the servo control card.

Individual components are controlled by bit program from the control PLC.

Performance elements we use primarily driven by pneumatic cylinders very reliable air conditioning systems.

Individual components are purchased from reputable European companies.

For each device we are able to design and manufacture any products, standards and other parts required for operation of equipment for measuring, testing and possibly for other manufacturing operations.






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Assembly and handling technology

Experience, expertise, quality, speed.

We employ experts in the field in the industry, manufacturers use components from renowned brands. Our products meet strict criteria, we strive to provide high quality.

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