Rotary feeder is used primarily to transport objects from the stack, where these objects are placed and completed without any sequence and position.

It is usually linked to the rotary feeder orientator, sorter, or a straight linear conveyor elements which commit transported for processing.

The principle is based on mechanical vibration and the speed of transport of objects can be continuously controlled.

The ideal is a rotary feeder, for example removing the screws from the classical cylindrical vessel or container. The tray can be dosypávány without screws have disrupted traffic speeds or functionality.

Linear Feeder allows transport to work zorientovaných tray manipulator.

Feeder allows smooth or irregularly přihrnovat objects required for further processing.

Linear feeder is mostly driven by belt drive motor and driven machine, depending on the signal from a sensor that monitors the status of processing přihrnovaných parts.

Linear feeder is in principle based on mechanical vibrations, which can be continuously controlled and thus provide the desired feed speed-oriented parts.





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