Product development

Would you introduce your new customer and product nehcete invest in the production of a prototype? Want to make a fair idea about how it will look like your idea? Then use our services in this area. We handle a wide range of studies such as design, motion, force .. according to your requirements and specifications. We can also optimize the design according to specified criteria (cheap production, low number of components, reliability, etc.)

Design studies

Designová studie vysavače ETAWe will prepare for you a complete design from design to detailed design solutions. We process different alternatives so that you have to choose the best one. Result of the study can be obviously different color combinations of the product ...

     Example: Design study of vacuum cleaners (including detailed solutions)

Studies building

Rozmístění komponentů uvnitř klimatizační jednotkyWe are able to solve the optimal placement of components with respect to various criteria such as minimum space, maximum use, stress, the process of production. You will have a clear idea of ​​the layout of components and you will be able to determine the best layout of components ...

 Example: the distribution of components inside the cabinet air conditioner

Motion study

Obálka pohybu kolaWe deal with moves even the most complex mechanisms. We are able to resolve individual components, but also the whole assembly. Graphically illustrate the dependence of working ranges, border movements. Everything can be done in 2D and 3D. Also, we can develop a professional 3D animation motion for a clear idea ...

Example: A Study of the wheel - cover movement

Power study

Silová studie závěsu kolaSolve the forces on your device, find bottlenecks, design optimization mechanism, reducing components, such as minimizing cost or production cost ...

     Example: Power study suspension bikes - balance of power

Studies workspaces

Rozmístění pracovišť u výrobní linkyWe can work through the deployment of your production line to the last detail. We can optimize the space to maximize utilization of working time and the optimum flow of material during the production ...

     Example: Design and optimization of working space for the assembly line garden mowers





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Assembly and handling technology

Experience, expertise, quality, speed.

We employ experts in the field in the industry, manufacturers use components from renowned brands. Our products meet strict criteria, we strive to provide high quality.

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