The machines supplied by us and we can work to implement several types of screwdrivers.

We can supply high electric or pneumatic screwdrivers renowned companies such as Bosch, Atlas Copco, etc.

In addition, we fitted our production machine screws, which have their own program management. You can adjust the rotating speed, torque, or different program sequences for perfect tightening or loosen screws and bolts, screws and nuts.

product Description

  •      automatic feed screw
  •      tightening pneumatic or electric screwdriver
  •      easy to achieve torque control clutch torque
  •      Vacuum clamping screws for inaccessible places
  •      positioning in all three axes of stepper motors, actuators, or pneumatic cylinders.
  •      with simple control torque according to engine load
  •      screwing with precise control and management of the screw and measuring torque and position
  •      measuring the height screw part
  •      archiving the moment depending on the position of screw
  •      check the correct thread to counter attack, autooprava position
  •      screw axis location from all directions (from dollars)
  •      mounting screw into the existing station equipment - bespoke solution
  •      signaling achieved torque





Rozvalovák implements riveted connection of two mechanical parts.

Rozvalovák can automatically be used on our machines and production lines.

Using the automatic control of the rivet rozvalování guarantee a perfect, permanent and rigid connection. Implementation of this connection is fully controlled and always characterized by the same values ​​of forces during riveting.





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Assembly and handling technology

Experience, expertise, quality, speed.

We employ experts in the field in the industry, manufacturers use components from renowned brands. Our products meet strict criteria, we strive to provide high quality.

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